LA Times Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: LA Times Crossword January 14 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve

LA Times Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Bobbleheads e. g. 5 letters DOLLS
Jury decision 5 letters AWARD
Pair of Grammys? 3 letters EMS
It’s __ time! 5 letters ABOUT
Old photo tint 5 letters SEPIA
Dwarf who mixes up his words 3 letters DOC
Angry reaction 11 letters HORNETSNEST
This American Life host Glass 3 letters IRA
Meeting goal often not achieved 6 letters LENGTH
Nuclear energy device 7 letters REACTOR
Lip 4 letters SASS
Firefighter’s tool 4 letters HOSE
Indian noble 4 letters RAJA
Surly 10 letters ILLNATURED
Soft palate projection 5 letters UVULA
Not what one would expect 6 letters IRONIC
It went down in history 7 letters TITANIC
Connects with 7 letters LINKSTO
Mexican bread 6 letters DINERO
Single-master 5 letters SLOOP
Stable cleaner 10 letters SADDLESOAP
Tolkien tree creatures 4 letters ENTS
Palm tree superfood 4 letters ACAI
Ancient home 4 letters EDEN
Predator with a heart-shaped face 7 letters BARNOWL
Card game with trumps 6 letters EUCHRE
Hurricane season mo. 3 letters OCT
The Shawshank Redemption event and what’s hidden in four puzzle rows 11 letters PRISONBREAK
Cravat or ascot 3 letters TIE
Like Caspar Milquetoast 5 letters TIMID
Give a false idea of 5 letters BELIE
Low 3 letters SAD
Deposit in the attic say 5 letters STORE
Cheerleaders’ assortment 5 letters YELLS
James and the Giant Peach author 4 letters DAHL
Wind heard in Dion’s Abraham Martin and John 4 letters OBOE
Desolate 4 letters LORN
Organ in a chest 4 letters LUNG
Decides to leave alone 5 letters STETS
Biblical mount 3 letters ASS
Harmless cyst 3 letters WEN
Imitator 4 letters APER
Slope 4 letters RISE
It may be crunched 4 letters DATA
Spell-checker say 6 letters EDITOR
Lacking in joy 6 letters MOROSE
Rustled (up) 6 letters SCARED
Bangkok native 4 letters THAI
Private laugh 7 letters CHUCKLE
Golfing mishaps 6 letters SLICES
Camera type briefly 3 letters SLR
Rural road feature 3 letters RUT
Prefix with fauna 3 letters AVI
Stick (out) 3 letters JUT
2019 Mena Massoud title role 7 letters ALADDIN
Free of commissions as a mutual fund 6 letters NOLOAD
Young Darth 3 letters ANI
Cookie containers 4 letters TINS
Indigo plant 4 letters ANIL
Having four sharps 3 letters INE
Absalom to David 3 letters SON
PAW Patrol fan 3 letters TOT
Special ___ 3 letters OPS
Caviar 3 letters ROE
Clogs 6 letters SABOTS
Thorny shrub 6 letters ACACIA
Made a sudden move 6 letters DARTED
Rounded hammer part 4 letters PEEN
Lumpy as a knit fabric 5 letters NUBBY
Comes down on one side of something 4 letters OPTS
Court order 4 letters WRIT
Ride to the prom 4 letters LIMO
Algonquin language 4 letters CREE
Severe criticism 4 letters HELL
Fence crosspiece 4 letters RAIL
Manages to get with out 4 letters EKES
Military address 3 letters SIR
To Autumn for one 3 letters ODE

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