New York Times Crossword November 26 2020 Answers

New York Times Crossword November 26 2020 Answers. Enjoy your time and have fun with daily crossword puzzles and if you are stuck at any question and can’t find the right solution, then we comme to help. Everyday we will publish here the answers of the listed crossword puzzles. Please feel free to write us a comment below, if you have any suggestion to us.

New York Times Crossword November 26 2020 Answers:

Info for an air traveler 4 letters GATE
2019 voice role for Beyoncé 4 letters NALA
Gym leader? 5 letters SOFTG
Operating system from Bell Labs 4 letters UNIX
One tiny bit 4 letters ATOM
Basic skateboarding trick 5 letters OLLIE
Play like a puppy 4 letters ROMP
Oboe or flute sound 10 letters VVOOWWEELL
Experiencing agita 6 letters UNEASY
Precursor of rocksteady 3 letters SKA
Put in 3 letters ADD
Aloof group 5 letters SNOBS
More than calls 6 letters RAISES
Home to around eight million Americans 12 letters IISSLLAANNDD
Big-tongued comics character 4 letters ODIE
Something you have up your sleeve 4 letters ULNA
1992 biopic starring Jack Nicholson 5 letters HOFFA
-: Abbr. 3 letters NEG
Celebrated Thanksgiving say 7 letters FEASTED
Deli supply 3 letters LOX
Sight at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 5 letters SANTA
Cry of lament 4 letters MOAN
Needle maker 4 letters PINE
Circumlocutory 12 letters WWIINNDDEEDD
Early TV network that competed with NBC and CBS 6 letters DUMONT
Features of housewarming parties 5 letters TOURS
Funder of New York’s Strawberry Fields memorial 3 letters ONO
Publisher of the World Factbook in brief 3 letters CIA
Pushes out of bed 6 letters ROUSTS
Some winter wear 10 letters JJOOHHNNSS
Just be patient 4 letters SOON
Place of refuge 5 letters OASIS
Take a ___ 4 letters KNEE
Former Expos and Giants manager Felipe 4 letters ALOU
Refine in a way 5 letters SMELT
Aphorisms 4 letters SAWS
Word interpreted literally in completing four of this puzzle’s answers 4 letters LONG
Whiz 4 letters GURU
Mystery writer for short 4 letters ANON
It’s commonly used to make a product 9 letters TIMESSIGN
Tract 7 letters EXPANSE
Along with gold one of the team colors of the Midshipmen 8 letters NAVYBLUE
Often-muddy transport for short 3 letters ATV
Places to go in England 4 letters LOOS
Wildly 4 letters AMOK
Female on a farm 3 letters SOW
Stadium cheer 3 letters OLE
Hound dog hounders 5 letters FLEAS
Spanish accent 5 letters TILDE
Fixes in a way 5 letters GELDS
Caution 4 letters WARN
Lead-in to la 3 letters SOL
Deli slice 6 letters SALAMI
Cause of some impulsive behavior in brief 4 letters ADHD
What can ___? 3 letters IDO
They move in a charged atmosphere 4 letters IONS
It’s a thought 4 letters IDEA
Actor Williams of Happy Days 5 letters ANSON
Swimming 6 letters NATANT
Goes it alone 9 letters FLIESSOLO
Like some farewells 4 letters FOND
Eighty-sixed 4 letters AXED
Babe in the woods 4 letters FAWN
Gets behind 8 letters ENDORSES
A pair 3 letters TWO
Examination 7 letters PERUSAL
Medical symptom maybe 4 letters ITCH
Pair 3 letters DUO
Places to learn to fight 5 letters DOJOS
Free of blocks 5 letters UNJAM
Classic Abercrombie & Fitch logo 5 letters MOOSE
Cartoonists’ supplies 4 letters INKS
___ of Arendelle (Disney heroine) 4 letters ANNA
Betty Boop e.g. 4 letters TOON
Close-fitting 4 letters SNUG
Word with baby or snake 3 letters OIL
Former presidential inits. 3 letters HST
Darn darn darn! 3 letters SEW

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