Universal Crossword December 1 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 1 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword December 1 2021 Answers:

Ilhan in the House 4 letters OMAR
Lacking 4 letters SANS
Prada products 4 letters BAGS
Zippo 4 letters NADA
Nail the midterm 5 letters ACEIT
Alphabetically last four-letter state 4 letters UTAH
Friendly talk 4 letters CHAT
L on a shirt tag 5 letters LARGE
Foal’s father 4 letters SIRE
Linearity literally? 14 letters DIMENSIONALITY
Traffic control grp.? 3 letters DEA
Muscat’s country 4 letters OMAN
Family that Goldilocks annoyed literally? 15 letters BEARSBEARSBEARS
Off-road transport briefly 3 letters ATV
Nighttime bugle call 4 letters TAPS
Dispatched as a giant 4 letters SLEW
Decorative pillow cover 4 letters SHAM
Mature like a plum 5 letters RIPEN
Filleted flatfish 4 letters SOLE
___ and shine 4 letters RISE
Doesn’t get badly injured 4 letters ISOK
Pocket place 3 letters HIP
Like every Shakespeare play literally? 15 letters ACTACTACTACTACT
Cosmologist Sagan 4 letters CARL
Silly me! 3 letters DUH
Soda with a lemon-lime flavor literally? 14 letters UPUPUPUPUPUPUP
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Paint-and-sip class fixture 5 letters EASEL
Stereo alternative 4 letters MONO
Slender stinger 4 letters WASP
Pine e.g. for air freshener 5 letters SCENT
Be an omen of 4 letters BODE
Let It Go singer in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
Partner of crafts 4 letters ARTS
Mail opening 4 letters SLOT
How some software is stored 4 letters ONCD
When repeated a Hawaiian fish 4 letters MAHI
He lived in Eden 4 letters ADAM
Like It but not Big 6 letters RATEDR
Where to go for a dip? 8 letters SALSABAR
Brazilian berry 4 letters ACAI
Emperor who watched Rome burn 4 letters NERO
Mister in Italian 6 letters SIGNOR
Word with funny or monkey 8 letters BUSINESS
Working hard 4 letters ATIT
Coleman of Diff’rent Strokes 4 letters GARY
Pronoun for Maya Angelou 3 letters SHE
San Jose Sharks and New York Jets 5 letters TEAMS
Baby sparrow’s home 4 letters NEST
Titration setting 3 letters LAB
City whose name aptly anagrams to Arabs 5 letters BASRA
Work ___ (employee’s principle) 5 letters ETHIC
Pirate’s Stop! 5 letters AVAST
___Pen 3 letters EPI
Wobbly dish 5 letters ASPIC
Hello in Honolulu 5 letters ALOHA
Archaeological find 5 letters RELIC
Maneuvered a curling broom 5 letters SWEPT
My bad formally 8 letters MEACULPA
Dec. hours in Boston 3 letters EST
Words on a treehouse door perhaps 8 letters NOADULTS
Single-serving coffee pod 4 letters KCUP
Place to stick a feather 3 letters CAP
Aligns 5 letters TRUES
Llama’s relative 6 letters ALPACA
Digits to wrestle 6 letters THUMBS
Russian range or river 4 letters URAL
Hard ___! (That’s a big no!) 4 letters PASS
App downloader 4 letters USER
Cooped (up) 4 letters PENT
Where to go for a dip 4 letters POOL
Cancel as a command 4 letters UNDO
One may write an ode 4 letters POET
Middle of IOU 3 letters OWE

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