Universal Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 2 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Analyze syntactically 5 letters PARSE
Emailed a dupe to 4 letters CCED
Officials at Phillies games briefly 4 letters UMPS
Let up 5 letters ABATE
Big name in chips 4 letters LAYS
Game on horseback 4 letters POLO
*Like community government (Hint: Note the letters that bookend both words of each starred clue’s answer … and what these letters collectively spell) 10 letters LOCALLEVEL
Coffee maker sound 4 letters DRIP
All tied up 4 letters EVEN
All fired up 4 letters AVID
Fills to excess 5 letters SATES
Flushed 3 letters RED
After expenses 3 letters NET
Opposite of baja 4 letters ALTA
*All the other people 12 letters EVERYONEELSE
One who values actions over words? 4 letters MIME
Broke bread 3 letters ATE
Most eco-friendly dryer? 3 letters SUN
Just play along 7 letters HUMORME
Answered 7 letters REPLIED
Cable network with a patriotic name 3 letters USA
What jowls do 3 letters SAG
Charged particles 4 letters IONS
*Spurring into action 12 letters GETTINGGOING
Call to a mate 4 letters AHOY
Curved path 3 letters ARC
Blond shade 3 letters ASH
Late general Powell 5 letters COLIN
Adjective for a shoppe 4 letters OLDE
Chimney channel 4 letters FLUE
Smell from a trash bag 4 letters ODOR
*Receipts 10 letters SALESSLIPS
Clutter 4 letters MESS
Norse god associated with lightning 4 letters THOR
Judges’ attire 5 letters ROBES
(Check this out!) 4 letters PSST
Baby beagles 4 letters PUPS
Steeple’s tip 5 letters SPIRE
Less ruddy 5 letters PALER
Situated over 5 letters ABOVE
Sped 5 letters RACED
Baseball legend Musial 4 letters STAN
Word hidden in three letters 3 letters EEL
Smart 6 letters CLEVER
What a filling fills 6 letters CAVITY
Watched warily 4 letters EYED
Internet connection initials 3 letters DSL
Modernize 6 letters UPDATE
Serious sermon subject 9 letters MORTALSIN
Ballet bend 4 letters PLIE
Absorbs with up 4 letters SOPS
Narrow street 4 letters LANE
Ignore the alarm clock 7 letters SLEEPIN
Penny perhaps in poker 4 letters ANTE
Moody music genre 3 letters EMO
Rendition 7 letters VERSION
Crew member’s implement 3 letters OAR
Takes legal action 4 letters SUES
5 p.m. say for a workday 3 letters END
Ponder (over) 4 letters MUSE
No clue 9 letters IMATALOSS
Embrace 3 letters HUG
A whole bunch of 4 letters MANY
Thing in an incubator 3 letters EGG
Captain’s journal 3 letters LOG
Craving that needs quenching 6 letters THIRST
Pace faster than a canter 6 letters GALLOP
They may be marching 6 letters ORDERS
Frosts as a cake 4 letters ICES
Cover story? 5 letters ALIBI
Terrific 5 letters SUPER
Siddhartha author Hermann 5 letters HESSE
Provide for free 4 letters COMP
Uplifting poems 4 letters ODES
Diamond Head’s locale 4 letters OAHU
Box office bomb 4 letters FLOP
Motor oil brand 3 letters STP
AARP members: Abbr. 3 letters SRS

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