Universal Crossword December 4 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 4 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword December 4 2021 Answers:

Yank 3 letters TUG
Mellowed like wine 4 letters AGED
Computer that can run Parallels 3 letters MAC
Dined 3 letters ATE
Apt-sounding name for a kid on Santa’s naughty list? 4 letters COLE
Peddles 5 letters SELLS
*Win-win 8 letters CANTLOSE
Cookie-flavored cereal 6 letters OREOOS
Cedar Point amusement park’s state 4 letters OHIO
*Needing emotional connection for physical attraction 10 letters DEMISEXUAL
Game whose name is shouted 3 letters UNO
___ Likely (common caller ID) 4 letters SCAM
Deadpan 3 letters DRY
Rival of Manchester United 7 letters ARSENAL
Japanese soup noodle 4 letters UDON
Food item in a rack 3 letters RIB
Dedicated poems 4 letters ODES
Daring poker move 5 letters RAISE
*Fixture for soaking 15 letters CLAWFOOTBATHTUB
Font flourish 5 letters SERIF
It has hot and hatha forms 4 letters YOGA
Sis or bro 3 letters SIB
___ it ironic? 4 letters ISNT
Feline memes 7 letters LOLCATS
Targets of crunches 3 letters ABS
Merino or cashmere 4 letters WOOL
Bit of time briefly 3 letters SEC
*Catchphrase of Tim Gunn from Project Runway 10 letters MAKEITWORK
South Beach e.g. 4 letters DIET
Produce from scratch 6 letters CREATE
They keep spines upright … or the first and last two letters of the starred clues’ answers in two ways? 8 letters BOOKENDS
Frisbee golf items 5 letters DISCS
The Great actress Fanning 4 letters ELLE
National security org. 3 letters CIA
Furthest degree 3 letters NTH
Kill it at a drag show 4 letters SLAY
She/___ 3 letters HER
Food with a shell 4 letters TACO
Four Corners state 4 letters UTAH
Apple support station 9 letters GENIUSBAR
Common tear site for a WNBA player 3 letters ACL
Glad to hear it 4 letters GOOD
Anyone ___? 4 letters ELSE
Judges to be 5 letters DEEMS
People to a god 11 letters MEREMORTALS
The Secret World of ___ Mack (’90s Nickelodeon show) 4 letters ALEX
Data storage option 5 letters CLOUD
Such a bummer 5 letters SOSAD
Fly high 4 letters SOAR
Manner of speaking 4 letters TONE
Devious 3 letters SLY
Critical hosp. ward 3 letters ICU
Something you flip in a house 11 letters ONOFFSWITCH
Rainbow shapes 4 letters ARCS
Work up 4 letters RILE
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO
Zodiac sign for much of August 3 letters LEO
Pass 3 letters NAH
Oink-filled pen? 3 letters STY
Easy-peasy! 9 letters ITSACINCH
Word after file or follow 4 letters SUIT
Tide movements 4 letters EBBS
Nintendo release of 2006 3 letters WII
Brazil neighbor: Abbr. 3 letters BOL
Some time ___ 3 letters AGO
Wine’s aromas and flavors say 5 letters NOTES
Pull as a car 3 letters TOW
Yield control of 4 letters CEDE
Better Call Saul network 3 letters AMC
Shakespeare was one 4 letters BARD
Yarn purchase 5 letters SKEIN
Spots to wear studs 5 letters LOBES
It’s right on a map 4 letters EAST
Craps move 4 letters ROLL
Caffeine nut 4 letters KOLA
Falco of Hollywood 4 letters EDIE
Old Russian ruler 4 letters TSAR
A minor or B major 3 letters KEY

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