Universal Crossword December 5 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 5 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword December 5 2021 Answers:

Go downhill fast? 3 letters SKI
Significant time 3 letters ERA
Ratty places? 6 letters SEWERS
Streamed course 7 letters WEBINAR
Red juice hybrid 7 letters CLAMATO
Buttercup family member (note the last 3 letters of this clue’s answer + …) 7 letters ANEMONE
Referred (… the first 3 of this one) 7 letters ALLUDED
Add up 5 letters TOTAL
Arduous journey 4 letters TREK
Source of iron 3 letters ORE
Extremely masculine 5 letters MACHO
Rural lodgings 4 letters INNS
Twisty molecule 3 letters DNA
Word before tamales or toddy 3 letters HOT
Golfer’s ride 4 letters CART
Premed course (last 3 letters + …) 7 letters BIOCHEM
Iowan (… first 3) 7 letters HAWKEYE
Songwriter Yoko 3 letters ONO
Melber on MSNBC 3 letters ARI
Energy Star org. 3 letters EPA
Didn’t I tell you? 3 letters SEE
Longtime talk show host Phil (last 3 letters + …) 7 letters DONAHUE
New Age healing item (… first 3) 7 letters CRYSTAL
Lacking in color 4 letters DRAB
Vital force of Chinese medicine 3 letters CHI
Book end? 3 letters ISH
Make small talk 4 letters CHAT
Dog behaviorist Millan 5 letters CESAR
Cow chow 3 letters HAY
x y or z 4 letters AXIS
Common ability 5 letters SENSE
Come in (last 3 letters + …) 7 letters ITSOPEN
Tied up like the stomach (… first 3) 7 letters INKNOTS
Brain cells 7 letters NEURONS
Lab supply store? 7 letters PETSHOP
Attack verbally 6 letters SNAPAT
Big fuss 3 letters ADO
Have 3 letters OWN
Whack as a fly 4 letters SWAT
Ball game at a casino 4 letters KENO
Sure you will 4 letters IBET
___ Holmes (2020 film about Sherlock’s sister) 5 letters ENOLA
Bled in the laundry 3 letters RAN
Is for adults or children? 3 letters ARE
Mark from battle 4 letters SCAR
Competitor of Vogue 4 letters ELLE
Base on balls 4 letters WALK
Bird that can be more than six feet tall 3 letters EMU
Home procedures that measure harmful gas levels 10 letters RADONTESTS
Back of a ship 5 letters STERN
Classic Apple catchphrase 6 letters IMAMAC
Poems that may be sung 4 letters ODES
Blue’s Clues viewer 3 letters TOT
Childlike angel 6 letters CHERUB
Bro 5 letters HOMIE
Aggravate 3 letters IRK
T. rex e.g. 4 letters DINO
High light? 10 letters NOONDAYSUN
Cropped pants 6 letters CAPRIS
Not home 4 letters AWAY
Physique informally 3 letters BOD
Funny! 4 letters HAHA
Anne of Wag the Dog 5 letters HECHE
Enthusiastic response 4 letters YEAH
Aquatic shocker perhaps 3 letters EEL
It’s found in apartments 3 letters ART
They blare in cities 6 letters SIRENS
Includes on a reply 3 letters CCS
What’s moved by your speech 4 letters CHIN
Can’t stand 5 letters HATES
Invite for 5 letters ASKTO
Each 4 letters APOP
Princess who fought Hercules 4 letters XENA
Academy e.g.: Abbr. 4 letters INST
Greenwich Village neighbor 4 letters NOHO
Load like luggage 4 letters STOW
Baseball Tonight channel 4 letters ESPN
… cup ___ cone? 3 letters ORA
Lagunitas brew 3 letters IPA
The Simpsons neighbor 3 letters NED

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