Universal Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 14 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Nippy pooch 5 letters BITER
Swiveled joints 4 letters HIPS
Forthwith in a memo 4 letters ASAP
___-Lay 5 letters FRITO
Wallet fillers 4 letters ONES
Sleeper agent 4 letters MOLE
Bet taker on social media? 10 letters FACEBOOKIE
Fix the spelling of say 4 letters EDIT
Hawaii’s third-largest island 4 letters OAHU
Frosted cereal bit 5 letters FLAKE
Property value determiner on social media? 14 letters WHATSAPPRAISER
French writer who loved his madeleines 6 letters PROUST
Actress Chaplin 4 letters OONA
Santa’s strap 4 letters REIN
Desirable Halloween option 5 letters TREAT
Apt Greek letter for a Penn frat name 3 letters PHI
Language expert on social media? 15 letters INSTAGRAMMARIAN
Winter hrs. in Helena 3 letters MST
Bottom of the barrel 5 letters DREGS
Do ___ others … 4 letters UNTO
Serb or Croat 4 letters SLAV
Do more than hear 6 letters LISTEN
Patent holder on social media? 14 letters LINKEDINVENTOR
Booth warning sign 5 letters ONAIR
Itty-bitty bit 4 letters IOTA
Money holder 4 letters CLIP
Professional socializing that 17- 22- 35- and 45-Across are engaged in? 10 letters NETWORKING
Seaweed in a forest 4 letters KELP
Shrek notably 4 letters OGRE
Edmonton hockey player 5 letters OILER
Handicrafts website 4 letters ETSY
Sheared stuff 4 letters WOOL
Hard-to-find guy in a red-striped shirt 5 letters WALDO
Closest pal in texts 3 letters BFF
Long-term savings plan for short 3 letters IRA
___-tac-toe 3 letters TIC
Hot time in Paris 3 letters ETE
Modern assembly line workers 6 letters ROBOTS
Commotion 5 letters HOOHA
Prepare for printing as a press 5 letters INKUP
Canada’s smallest prov. 3 letters PEI
Kansas City-to-New Orleans dir. 3 letters SSE
Aviator Earhart 6 letters AMELIA
Fizzy drinks 5 letters SODAS
Similar 5 letters ALIKE
The Tale of ___ Rabbit 5 letters PETER
Hops-drying kiln 4 letters OAST
Coke’s fruity cousin 5 letters FANTA
Small birds with big voices 5 letters WRENS
Pull up with a pulley 5 letters HOIST
Father’s sister e.g. 4 letters AUNT
Works by Dickinson and Angelou 5 letters POEMS
Meander 4 letters ROAM
Overly proper 4 letters PRIM
Roman fountain 5 letters TREVI
Old T-shirt perhaps 3 letters RAG
Ford from the ’70s 5 letters PINTO
Troll on a fan page 5 letters HATER
Part of as a plot 4 letters INON
Grace of Will & Grace 5 letters ADLER
Reunion attendee briefly 4 letters GRAD
Iron oxide 4 letters RUST
Peanut butter brand 6 letters SKIPPY
Shannon of Thirty Seconds to Mars 4 letters LETO
All lined up 6 letters INAROW
Enlightenment philosopher from England 5 letters LOCKE
Small bay 5 letters INLET
Woodworker’s fasteners 5 letters NAILS
Prefix for -glycerin 5 letters NITRO
Y is the only one in syzygy 5 letters VOWEL
Immediately 3 letters NOW
A narcissist has a big one 3 letters EGO
Rio manufacturer 3 letters KIA
Not feeling so great 3 letters ILL
Homer’s neighbor 3 letters NED
Miracle-___ 3 letters GRO

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