Universal Crossword November 29 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 29 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword November 29 2021 Answers:

That’s my cue! 4 letters IMON
The 411 4 letters INFO
Story with a moral 5 letters FABLE
One of 500 at Daytona 4 letters MILE
Amanda Gorman or Langston Hughes 4 letters POET
Lubricated 5 letters OILED
… plus a certain smoked fish is another favorite of mine? 15 letters ANDILOVEHERRING
Actress Davis 5 letters GEENA
Advil competitor 5 letters ALEVE
Edgar Allan ___ 3 letters POE
Goof up 3 letters ERR
Biological pouch 3 letters SAC
Glowing review 4 letters RAVE
Ares’ mother 4 letters HERA
Landforms at river mouths 6 letters DELTAS
Shredding company? 14 letters TEARINGSERVICE
Defunct Swedish car brand 4 letters SAAB
Org. concerned with cybersecurity 3 letters CIA
Brainstorming result 4 letters IDEA
Flexible spectacles? 14 letters SPRINGYGLASSES
Empty ___ (certain parent) 6 letters NESTER
Foot’s curve 4 letters ARCH
Move like a shark 4 letters SWIM
Org. concerned with cannabis 3 letters DEA
The Simpsons character critiqued by Hari Kondabolu 3 letters APU
___ knows? 3 letters WHO
Blue toon in a mushroom-shaped home 5 letters SMURF
Rapper Kendrick 5 letters LAMAR
Pitcher’s boast during a shutout? 15 letters NOBODYSHOMERING
Water filter brand 5 letters BRITA
Person you idealize 4 letters HERO
ACL’s leg part 4 letters KNEE
Fidgety 5 letters ANTSY
Talks incessantly 4 letters YAKS
Auctioneer’s last word 4 letters SOLD
What a P.R. agent cultivates 5 letters IMAGE
One may dig for coal 5 letters MINER
___ and wiser 5 letters OLDER
Rejection in Berlin 4 letters NEIN
Wall St. debut 3 letters IPO
Sign at a full motel 9 letters NOVACANCY
Have a sense 4 letters FEEL
Something else category 5 letters OTHER
Eternally 7 letters FOREVER
What a snowboarder catches slangily 3 letters AIR
Plane say on a radar screen 4 letters BLIP
Jay who hosted The Tonight Show 4 letters LENO
Sharp part of a knife 4 letters EDGE
Powerful beam 5 letters LASER
Cleverly avoid 5 letters EVADE
Singer Grande to fans 3 letters ARI
Lord of the Rings language for pointy-eared beings 6 letters ELVISH
Bad ones are hard to break 6 letters HABITS
Natural destroyer of sandcastles 4 letters TIDE
Las Vegas 53-Down team 4 letters ACES
The Mediterranean for one 3 letters SEA
Record on video 4 letters TAPE
Corn servings 4 letters EARS
Concert for a band 3 letters GIG
Small utensil 9 letters SALADFORK
Identity thief’s target briefly 3 letters SSN
Long Island paper 7 letters NEWSDAY
Filthy 5 letters GRIMY
___ you serious? 3 letters ARE
Climb up 5 letters SCALE
Like an overripe pear 5 letters MUSHY
___ acid (protein component) 5 letters AMINO
Solar energy device 5 letters PANEL
Encouraged 5 letters URGED
Hoops org. for Diamond DeShields 4 letters WNBA
What you may hit when you’re in a jam 4 letters HORN
Memorial bio 4 letters OBIT
Name hidden in overheard 4 letters RHEA
Vessels like Noah’s 4 letters ARKS
Extra hockey periods: Abbr. 3 letters OTS
___ Def (rapper) 3 letters MOS

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