Universal Crossword November 30 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 30 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve.

Universal Crossword November 30 2021 Answers:

Succotash ingredient 4 letters CORN
Small mattress size 4 letters TWIN
Touch with a stylus 3 letters TAP
Codeine source 5 letters OPIUM
Pie cuts essentially 5 letters RADII
Add years to one’s life 3 letters AGE
Where to find a snake in the glass (In this clue’s answer see letters 4-8) 11 letters REPTILEROOM
Oui’s opposite 3 letters NON
Exist 3 letters ARE
Word before cucumber or salt 3 letters SEA
One has a maturity date 4 letters BOND
Desperate attempt (… letters 8-11) 15 letters LASTDITCHEFFORT
Eyelid concern 4 letters STYE
___-hoo! 3 letters YOO
Bottom of the ocean 5 letters FLOOR
E or G e.g. 3 letters KEY
Jean-___ Picard of Star Trek 3 letters LUC
Mr. Rogers 3 letters ROY
Choice when paying with a card (… letters 3-8) 13 letters CREDITORDEBIT
___ Paulo 3 letters SAO
Criticize harshly 3 letters PAN
Wintry in product names 3 letters SNO
Sarcastic commentary 5 letters SNARK
Name that’s a cozy room backward 3 letters NED
London streetcar 4 letters TRAM
They help you get the big picture (… letters 3-6) 15 letters WIDEANGLELENSES
Food sticker? 4 letters TINE
Wheels 3 letters CAR
Season opener? 3 letters PRE
John in court cases 3 letters DOE
Fragrant grain (… letters 4-8) 11 letters JASMINERICE
Wikipedia is free of them 3 letters ADS
Made angry 5 letters IRKED
Didn’t chicken out 5 letters DARED
$20 on red say in roulette 3 letters BET
Fill completely 4 letters SATE
Pronoun on a certain towel 4 letters HERS
Reef material 5 letters CORAL
Divas’ productions 6 letters OPERAS
Most ready to pick 6 letters RIPEST
Crunchy source of protein 3 letters NUT
Pact 6 letters TREATY
Card game for two 3 letters WAR
Vow at the altar 3 letters IDO
Weeper of myth 5 letters NIOBE
Indian cooking style named for an oven 8 letters TANDOORI
Earlier 3 letters AGO
Notetaker’s choice 3 letters PEN
Something wrong 7 letters MISDEED
See ya! 5 letters IMOFF
Necklace that wraps around Leah Remini 3 letters LEI
Super Bowl org. 3 letters NFL
Small child 4 letters TYKE
Silver eagle wearer in the military 7 letters COLONEL
Two to three for one 4 letters HOUR
Turnip or beet 4 letters ROOT
Don’t give up! 3 letters TRY
Sharp bark 3 letters YIP
Songs can be burned onto them 3 letters CDS
Kid’s plea 4 letters CANI
Exam that often includes parallel parking 8 letters ROADTEST
Sharp flavor 4 letters TANG
Typed in 7 letters ENTERED
Delivered from the womb 4 letters BORN
Opposite NNE 3 letters SSW
Big name in hiking gear 3 letters REI
Japanese writing system 5 letters KANJI
Choose 6 letters DECIDE
Aim ambitiously 6 letters ASPIRE
Moon River lyricist Johnny 6 letters MERCER
Approaches 5 letters NEARS
PC linkup 3 letters LAN
Tournament’s top competitors often 5 letters SEEDS
Apply gently 3 letters DAB
Homage in verse 3 letters ODE
Genre for The Wailers 3 letters SKA
Bumped into 3 letters MET
Go team! 3 letters RAH

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