Universal Crossword October 8 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 7 2021 Answers

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Becoming author Michelle 5 letters OBAMA
Hot tub feature 3 letters JET
One is full of garbage 4 letters DUMP
Violinist’s block 5 letters ROSIN
Sound within Tabernacle Choir 4 letters ECHO
October birthstone 4 letters OPAL
Live and breathe 5 letters EXIST
Is it really necessary? 9 letters DOIHAVETO
Period of intense competition 13 letters FEEDINGFRENZY
Feel bad about 3 letters RUE
That guy 3 letters HIM
___ Equis 3 letters DOS
Inclined (to) 3 letters APT
Lacking color 4 letters PALE
What’s ___ to like? 3 letters NOT
Black and Red 4 letters SEAS
Compensation to an intermediary 10 letters FINDERSFEE
Capital on a fjord 4 letters OSLO
Kerfuffle 3 letters ADO
Prepares to shoot a basket 4 letters AIMS
Panel that discusses a product 10 letters FOCUSGROUP
Highway entrance or exit 4 letters RAMP
Mom and pop org.? 3 letters PTA
Habeas corpus for one 4 letters WRIT
Catch some rays 3 letters TAN
Dating profile datum 3 letters AGE
Online convo parts 3 letters IMS
Sports ___ (jogging garment) 3 letters BRA
What a quarterback shouldn’t do 13 letters FUMBLETHEBALL
Race against the clock 9 letters TIMETRIAL
Fairy-tale creature who says the starts of 5 letters GIANT
Cookie Cobblestone ice cream brand 4 letters EDYS
Tennis match subdivisions 4 letters SETS
World’s second most populous country 5 letters INDIA
Take a breather 4 letters REST
Get it? 3 letters SEE
Chavez honored with a national holiday 5 letters CESAR
Miner’s discovery 3 letters ORE
Word with music or voice 3 letters BOX
In your dreams! 4 letters ASIF
Penny-pincher 5 letters MISER
Pay for a poker hand 6 letters ANTEUP
Foe of the Sith 4 letters JEDI
Demand elasticity’s subj. 4 letters ECON
Chicken serving 5 letters THIGH
Bird that might be white 4 letters DOVE
Topple 5 letters UPEND
Bread served during Passover 5 letters MATZO
Ruses 5 letters PLOYS
Sure whatever! 6 letters OHFINE
Knight’s getup 5 letters ARMOR
Like many sign language users 4 letters DEAF
Starting from 4 letters ASOF
100 centavos 4 letters PESO
Soft mineral 4 letters TALC
That isn’t true! 4 letters LIAR
Fund 5 letters ENDOW
Former resident of Russia’s Winter Palace 4 letters TSAR
Progresso product 4 letters SOUP
Gloomy 4 letters DOUR
Italian automaker 4 letters FIAT
Political activist Goldman 4 letters EMMA
SportsCenter channel 4 letters ESPN
Circus prop 5 letters STILT
Some play Valorant 6 letters GAMERS
___ Xtra (soft drink) 4 letters PIBB
Like Romeo and Juliet 6 letters TRAGIC
Caption on a flattering picture perhaps 5 letters AFTER
___ dog (service animal) 5 letters GUIDE
Saturday Night Live has 71 of them 5 letters EMMYS
Dorm rooms stereotypically 5 letters STIES
Flared dress style 5 letters ALINE
Outdo 4 letters BEST
Nasty tweet’s sentiment 4 letters HATE
Who ___ is coming? 4 letters ELSE
Young fellows 4 letters LADS
Actress Long 3 letters NIA
Paving goo 3 letters TAR

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