USA Today Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Tach reading 3 letters RPM
Wager 3 letters BET
Gets larger 5 letters GROWS
Artist Abdu 3 letters ALI
Lopsided victory 4 letters ROUT
Bird in the crow family 5 letters RAVEN
Pass without saying hi 8 letters WALKONBY
Feeling that’s French for already seen 6 letters DEJAVU
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Disney theme park 5 letters EPCOT
Table support 3 letters LEG
Overtime loss in the playoffs for example 12 letters HEARTBREAKER
You’re right 6 letters IAGREE
Very tasty 6 letters DELISH
Chop ___ 4 letters SUEY
Brain section 4 letters LOBE
Cowboy Bebop star John 3 letters CHO
With 38-Across You know I got you! 9 letters THATSWHAT
See 35-Across 13 letters FRIENDSAREFOR
City in 38-Down 7 letters ORLANDO
Small Scottish dog breed 6 letters WESTIE
Bus routes that end where they begin 5 letters LOOPS
I’m impressed! 4 letters DAMN
Mischievous 3 letters SLY
Bull’s-eye hitter 4 letters DART
Aid and ___ 4 letters ABET
Singer with song titles at 13 letters DIONNEWARWICK
Male honeybee 5 letters DRONE
Very strongly dislike 6 letters LOATHE
Opposite of a liability 5 letters ASSET
Uses a username and password 6 letters LOGSIN
Uncooked 3 letters RAW
Flat landform 7 letters PLATEAU
Odometer reading 7 letters MILEAGE
Jane Eyre author Charlotte 6 letters BRONTE
Extremely long time period 3 letters EON
Yam or cassava for example 5 letters TUBER
Hansel’s sister 6 letters GRETEL
Name meaning king 3 letters RAJ
Manicure shape 4 letters OVAL
I don’t believe ___ met 4 letters WEVE
Comfy and cozy 4 letters SNUG
Use a keyboard 4 letters TYPE
Washington who played Olivia Pope 5 letters KERRY
Okey-___ 4 letters DOKE
Academy trainees 6 letters CADETS
Third-person possessive pronoun 3 letters HIS
Sang at top volume 6 letters BELTED
Significant wealth 6 letters RICHES
Passageways for elevators 6 letters SHAFTS
Deep-frying need 6 letters HOTOIL
That’s awful news! 4 letters OHNO
Awful 3 letters BAD
One of the Five Pillars of Islam 4 letters SAWM
Bird with a silent first letter 4 letters WREN
The Sunshine State 7 letters FLORIDA
NBA team with a dinosaur mascot 7 letters RAPTORS
___ and outs 3 letters INS
Spanish for king 3 letters REY
___ Bay Seasoning 3 letters OLD
Line on a map 4 letters ROAD
Drops on morning grass 3 letters DEW
To any extent 5 letters ATALL
Hidden name in this clue (if you read backwards) 4 letters ANNE
Vegetable with a Ruby Queen cultivar 4 letters BEET
Negative answers 3 letters NOS
Son of Kanga 3 letters ROO
Dog’s tail motion 3 letters WAG
The I in FWIW 3 letters ITS
Tai ___ 3 letters CHI
Actor Ryan ___ 3 letters KEN

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