USA Today Crossword December 3 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword December 3 2021 Answers:

Spit forth 4 letters SPEW
Some email attachments 4 letters PDFS
Pondered 5 letters MUSED
Character who sings Let It Go 4 letters ELSA
Put into groups 4 letters SORT
Reproductive organ 5 letters OVARY
Throw lightly 4 letters TOSS
Mix with a spoon 4 letters STIR
___ calendar (ancient timekeeping system) 5 letters MAYAN
Handed out cards 5 letters DEALT
Physicians for short 4 letters DOCS
Org. that allows you to check but not carry on a Magic 8 Ball 3 letters TSA
Toronto Raptors’ org. 3 letters NBA
Nigerian people 4 letters IGBO
Science class with beakers for short 4 letters CHEM
Prefix for gender 3 letters CIS
Fishing rod attachment 4 letters REEL
Person who saves the day 4 letters HERO
This clue number minus 30 3 letters ONE
Message like You have been selected to win $1000! probably 4 letters SCAM
Disneyland shuttles 5 letters TRAMS
Male sheep 3 letters RAM
Greek I 4 letters IOTA
Branch of Islam 4 letters SHIA
Be loose-lipped 4 letters BLAB
Wooden fasteners 4 letters PEGS
Verb ending found in this clue 3 letters ING
Peak performance 5 letters AGAME
12 p.m. 4 letters NOON
Hypotheticals 3 letters IFS
Without changing anything 4 letters ASIS
What this clue does . . . does . . . does . . . 4 letters ECHO
Espionage org. 3 letters CIA
Buddhist denomination 3 letters ZEN
Deer with antlers 4 letters STAG
Journalist Ifill 4 letters GWEN
Ideal examples 8 letters EPITOMES
Goodness gracious 6 letters OHLORD
Quartz e.g. 7 letters MINERAL
Bibliography entry 6 letters SOURCE
Spork or knife 7 letters UTENSIL
Took notice 6 letters HEEDED
Group of songs played at a concert 3 letters SET
Walk heavily 4 letters PLOD
Publication where Black girl magic comes alive 15 letters ESSENCEMAGAZINE
Japanese horseradish 6 letters WASABI
Sneaky Over here! 4 letters PSST
Part of a lowercase i 3 letters DOT
They might hold up grocery lists 13 letters FRIDGEMAGNETS
___ light 6 letters STROBE
Parents celebrated in May 4 letters MOMS
Charlottesville univ. 3 letters UVA
Phrase to which a toddler might reply pleeease 15 letters SAYTHEMAGICWORD
Pink ends of pencils 7 letters ERASERS
Powerhouse 6 letters DYNAMO
Blended yogurt drink 5 letters LASSI
Baby horses 5 letters COLTS
Really angry 5 letters IRATE
Word before letter or reaction 5 letters CHAIN
Sphere 3 letters ORB
Simba’s best friend 4 letters NALA
Handles difficulties 5 letters COPES
Large horned animal 5 letters RHINO
Like our numeral system 7 letters BASETEN
Music genre known as The Soul of Calypso 4 letters SOCA
Secondary college studies 6 letters MINORS
Good heavens! 6 letters OHGOSH
I Am Sasha ___ 6 letters FIERCE
Smoothed down 6 letters SANDED
Vend 4 letters SELL
Adhesive substance 4 letters GLUE
Australian bird 3 letters EMU
Mango’s center 3 letters PIT
Chiang ___ Thailand 3 letters MAI
Weeding tool 3 letters HOE

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