USA Today Crossword December 4 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword December 4 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve

USA Today Crossword December 4 2021 Answers:

Mix around 4 letters STIR
The ___ of Cats (board game involving a boat rescue) 4 letters ISLE
Lightbulb moment exclamation 3 letters AHA
Cover with asphalt 4 letters PAVE
Tennis great Osaka 5 letters NAOMI
Eye part that might be hazel 4 letters IRIS
Do a de-wrinkling chore 4 letters IRON
Acted frozen in freeze tag 10 letters STOODSTILL
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
Softball star Bates 3 letters SIS
Stand that holds a painting 5 letters EASEL
Done up 6 letters STYLED
Useful 5 letters HANDY
Gift-wrapping aid 4 letters TAPE
Not home 3 letters OUT
Canola etc. 4 letters OILS
Uh-uh dude 5 letters NOSIR
Hospital scan 3 letters MRI
Inch or mile for example 4 letters UNIT
In what way? 3 letters HOW
Serene 7 letters ATPEACE
No vote 3 letters NAY
Leftmost color on the French flag in French 4 letters BLEU
Floor covering 3 letters RUG
Yellowish color 5 letters AMBER
Pair for a rowboat 4 letters OARS
Poet Lowell 3 letters AMY
Villain’s hideout 4 letters LAIR
Palindromic term of address 5 letters MADAM
Mint in a clear box 6 letters TICTAC
City in Florida 5 letters MIAMI
Bird that hoots 3 letters OWL
Actress Thurman 3 letters UMA
Flat-griddle cooking style 10 letters TEPPANYAKI
Recedes like the tide 4 letters EBBS
Psyche parts 4 letters EGOS
Climb aboard 5 letters GETON
Go from ice to water 4 letters MELT
Young chap 3 letters LAD
Stir-fry pans 4 letters WOKS
Puts into play 4 letters USES
Shows off a twirly dress 5 letters SPINS
Deck with a Lovers card 5 letters TAROT
Metaphor for academia 10 letters IVORYTOWER
Star Wars character Kylo 3 letters REN
Crime in the show Billions 14 letters INSIDERTRADING
College admissions exams 4 letters SATS
Bathroom in Britain 3 letters LOO
Confessional music genre 3 letters EMO
R&B singer India.___ 4 letters ARIE
Mound made by ants 4 letters HILL
Language with a Philly accent 3 letters ASL
Siblings with the same DNA 14 letters IDENTICALTWINS
I can’t believe we’re meeting! 6 letters ITSYOU
Feeling down 3 letters SAD
Brownish photo filter 5 letters SEPIA
___ Estrellas (Televisa network) 3 letters LAS
Place to work out in PJs 7 letters HOMEGYM
Intangible vibe 4 letters AURA
Inflatables for lazy rivers 10 letters INNERTUBES
Untruthful person 4 letters LIAR
Pigpen 3 letters STY
Southern Decadence city for short 4 letters NOLA
In Treatment channel 3 letters HBO
Big cat 4 letters PUMA
This meeting could’ve been an ___ 5 letters EMAIL
Graphics showing the States 6 letters USMAPS
Lighter brand 3 letters BIC
Org. hidden twice in amalgamate 3 letters AMA
Walk in a relaxed way 5 letters AMBLE
Groups of actors 5 letters CASTS
Prefix meaning big 4 letters MEGA
Apple music player 4 letters IPOD
I get it I get it! 4 letters OKOK
___ Aviv 3 letters TEL
Tree that sounds like a vowel 3 letters YEW
From ___ Z (including everything) 3 letters ATO
Bird that lays big eggs 3 letters EMU

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