USA Today Crossword December 5 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword December 5 2021 Answers:

Kabuki’s structure contains five of them 4 letters ACTS
___ boom (jet sound) 5 letters SONIC
Manicure annoyance 4 letters CHIP
Aching 4 letters SORE
Capital city where tsampa is eaten daily 5 letters LHASA
Chauffeured ride 4 letters LIMO
Model whose mother is Cindy Crawford 10 letters KAIAGERBER
Train station stats 4 letters ETAS
Noteworthy time period 3 letters ERA
Renter’s document 5 letters LEASE
Tanks miserably 5 letters FAILS
Broadband option 3 letters DSL
Abbreviation in some addresses 3 letters APT
___ Island 6 letters TURTLE
Around the Horn channel 4 letters ESPN
Place for a manicure 5 letters SALON
___ and tris (muscle group) 3 letters BIS
Card that can metaphorically be up someone’s sleeve 3 letters ACE
College in the Empire State 3 letters NYU
Comes out on top 4 letters WINS
Director of Little Women 11 letters GRETAGERWIG
Ahhh! A cockroach! 3 letters EEK
Tool in a garden shed 3 letters HOE
T’Challa to T’Chaka 3 letters SON
Explosive that’s less powerful than dynamite 3 letters TNT
Pharmacy tablets 5 letters PILLS
Personal top scores 5 letters BESTS
Egypt’s official language 6 letters ARABIC
Tide movement 3 letters EBB
Three in Italian 3 letters TRE
Untrustworthy sort 5 letters ROGUE
Gondola’s waterway 5 letters CANAL
Get ___ of (discard) 3 letters RID
Chance to play in a board game 4 letters TURN
Still Alice author 10 letters LISAGENOVA
While we’re ___ . . . 4 letters ATIT
Performer lists 5 letters CASTS
Comparable 4 letters AKIN
Leg raise units 4 letters REPS
___ on (spoil) 4 letters DOTE
Rice and ___ 4 letters PEAS
Made an inquiry 5 letters ASKED
Rough 6 letters COARSE
Olympic qualifying events 6 letters TRIALS
Habitat for dugongs 3 letters SEA
Get some shut-eye 5 letters SLEEP
Just my rotten luck! 6 letters OHRATS
Catches red-handed 4 letters NABS
Ah makes sense 4 letters ISEE
Ferris wheel unit 3 letters CAR
Like some nail polish 5 letters CLEAR
Became very successful 8 letters HITITBIG
Aggressive poker declaration 7 letters IMALLIN
Own 7 letters POSSESS
Quick peek 6 letters GLANCE
Amusement 3 letters FUN
Guided visits 5 letters TOURS
Amusement ___ 4 letters PARK
Winged guardian 5 letters ANGEL
Caustic compound 3 letters LYE
Set of moral values 5 letters ETHIC
Merlot or Chianti 4 letters WINE
Calm down! 8 letters GETAGRIP
Alternative to Yahoo 3 letters AOL
Wedding dance 6 letters WOBBLE
In transit 7 letters ENROUTE
___ sauce (serving with fried fish) 6 letters TARTAR
Dessert with a crust 3 letters PIE
Legislative body 6 letters SENATE
Butterfly or crawl in swimming 6 letters STROKE
Activity that might have a music round 6 letters TRIVIA
Some cars 6 letters SEDANS
Baseball taps 5 letters BUNTS
Luggage 4 letters BAGS
See ya! 4 letters CIAO
___ prof. (faculty title) 4 letters ASST
TV screen type 3 letters LCD
Midday snooze 3 letters NAP


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