USA Today Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword January 14 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve

USA Today Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Arrange from newest to oldest say 4 letters SORT
Leave alone 5 letters LETBE
Ferret out 4 letters FIND
___ tea (redundant phrase) 4 letters CHAI
Name hidden across more than one word in this clue 5 letters ETHAN
Innovator’s spark 4 letters IDEA
Let’s do it! 4 letters IMIN
Sharply bitter 5 letters ACRID
Untidy sort 4 letters SLOB
Season ticket holders e.g. 4 letters FANS
Passport part 5 letters PHOTO
Female chickens 4 letters HENS
Dream up 6 letters INVENT
Triumphant team’s exclamation 5 letters WEWON
Taproom offering 3 letters ALE
Trip source 3 letters LSD
Keep at bay 5 letters REPEL
Punkie Johnson’s show for short 3 letters SNL
Slow down! 4 letters WHOA
Aqualung band ___ Tull 6 letters JETHRO
Artificially inflate 3 letters PAD
#nofilter for example 7 letters HASHTAG
Word after castor or canola 3 letters OIL
Password partner 6 letters USERID
Spiritual energy field 4 letters AURA
Anago is the saltwater kind of it 3 letters EEL
___ Tongue (3-Down web series) 5 letters RAZOR
Halfway between noon and midnight 3 letters SIX
Catch 3 letters NAB
Lawful 5 letters LEGAL
Shade of green 6 letters FOREST
Close tightly 4 letters SEAL
Afro-Cuban dance 5 letters RUMBA
Capital home to the Vigeland Museum 4 letters OSLO
Low-___ diet 4 letters CARB
Video game pioneer 5 letters ATARI
Foot or meter 4 letters UNIT
Home to Lebanon and Laos 4 letters ASIA
Commendable quality 5 letters MERIT
Indefinite quantity 4 letters SOME
Grizzly e.g. 4 letters BEAR
Behavioral science major for short 5 letters PSYCH
Females in a flock 4 letters EWES
Octavia Butler genre 5 letters SCIFI
Wow 5 letters OHMAN
Ryans star 10 letters RAINVALDEZ
Sparkly strands on a tree 6 letters TINSEL
Performed a jete 5 letters LEAPT
___ A Sketch 4 letters ETCH
Goes big out of desperation 15 letters THROWSAHAILMARY
Annoyed intentionally 6 letters BAITED
Supply money for 5 letters ENDOW
Meshy fabric 7 letters FISHNET
Unbusy 4 letters IDLE
Tenth element 4 letters NEON
Touches with a cotton ball say 4 letters DABS
One completing a W-4 form perhaps 7 letters NEWHIRE
Herb that starts and ends with the same letter 7 letters OREGANO
___ Rios (region of Chile) 3 letters LOS
Poetry Man singer 10 letters PHOEBESNOW
Lake that’s the E in HOMES 4 letters ERIE
Droop 4 letters LOLL
___-of-the-moment 4 letters SPUR
Org. with an Artemis spaceflight program 4 letters NASA
Was in possession of 3 letters HAD
Jam container 3 letters JAR
Red carpet rental for short 3 letters TUX
Race car safety feature 7 letters ROLLBAR
Browns over high heat 6 letters SAUTES
Excite 6 letters AROUSE
Pop’s pop 5 letters GRAMP
Futurist Popcorn 5 letters FAITH
Nickelodeon goo 5 letters SLIME
Bags with handles 5 letters TOTES
Sign of healing 4 letters SCAB
Absence of difficulty 4 letters EASE
Solo for Sawsan Al Bahiti 4 letters ARIA
___-a-brac (tchotchkes) 4 letters BRIC

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