USA Today Crossword January 15 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 15 2021 Answers:

A smaller quantity 4 letters LESS
Red-berried conifer 3 letters YEW
Diving apparatus 5 letters SCUBA
___ ’86 (Death Cab song) 4 letters EXPO
Snoozefest 4 letters BORE
Made do 5 letters COPED
Hand composed of a pair and a three-of-a-kind 9 letters FULLHOUSE
Like a nemesis say 5 letters HATED
Nike rival 6 letters ADIDAS
Grand mountain range 6 letters TETONS
So far 3 letters YET
___ Alamos 3 letters LOS
Top of the Capitol 4 letters DOME
Collectors’ goals 12 letters COMPLETESETS
Empanadillas etc. 5 letters TAPAS
Run with a long stride 4 letters LOPE
Open ___ (hospital scanner) 3 letters MRI
Bunches 4 letters ALOT
Toys you can walk the dog with 5 letters YOYOS
During 4 letters AMID
What’s the ___? 3 letters USE
Some listings at BWI 4 letters ETAS
Effort a coach hopes their team will bring 5 letters AGAME
Full alignment of the Earth moon and sun 12 letters TOTALECLIPSE
Show title with stars 4 letters MASH
Concept in East Asian philosophy 3 letters TAO
Start of some Jeopardy! responses 3 letters WHO
Suave 6 letters SMOOTH
Sight ___ 6 letters UNSEEN
Broken-down 5 letters KAPUT
Dairy product that’s actually less than 4% fat 9 letters WHOLEMILK
Pointless 5 letters INANE
Mercedes competitor 4 letters AUDI
Strongly suggest 4 letters URGE
Makes like Olaf in the summer 5 letters MELTS
Degree held by Rachel Maddow 3 letters PHD
Aussie greeting 4 letters GDAY
Morgan of Arthurian legend 5 letters LEFAY
Give off 5 letters EXUDE
Take off 5 letters SPLIT
Auctioned off 4 letters SOLD
___ Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette hit) 3 letters YOU
Triage places (Abbr.) 3 letters ERS
Teeny-tiny 3 letters WEE
Conniving plot 6 letters SCHEME
We Were Eight Years in Power author Ta-Nehisi 6 letters COATES
___ no good 4 letters UPTO
How’ve you ___? 4 letters BEEN
Tallies 4 letters ADDS
Spot for a nursing baby 5 letters BOSOM
Accessories for angel costumes 5 letters HALOS
100% in slang 5 letters TOTES
Mark in a Krasner painting 7 letters SPLOTCH
Add to a bank account 7 letters DEPOSIT
Roommate that may leave litter everywhere 3 letters CAT
Faithful 5 letters LOYAL
Novel that inspired Clueless 4 letters EMMA
Haircut that may go unnoticed 4 letters TRIM
Fries or latkes maybe 4 letters SIDE
Like guitar strings 4 letters TAUT
Additionally . . . 4 letters ALSO
Adrienne Rich or Nikki Giovanni 4 letters POET
Oof that’s rough! 5 letters YEESH
Store in an oak barrel 3 letters AGE
In unison 5 letters ASONE
Quantity 6 letters AMOUNT
Foam art drinks 6 letters LATTES
Civil rights activist Murray 5 letters PAULI
Bizarre 5 letters WEIRD
Pigtailed Hey Arnold character 5 letters HELGA
Not sharp or flat 5 letters ONKEY
Quickly read 4 letters SKIM
Lion’s hair 4 letters MANE
Gem with a fire variety 4 letters OPAL
Self-satisfied 4 letters SMUG
Cardi B single ft. Megan Thee Stallion 3 letters WAP
What??? 3 letters HUH
Bizarre 3 letters ODD

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