USA Today Crossword January 23 2021 Answers

You are here probably to find: USA Today Crossword January 23 2021 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory. You can challenge yourself even more with crosswords by: increasing the difficulty of the puzzle or using fewer materials to help you solve

USA Today Crossword January 23 2021 Answers:

Key near a tilde 3 letters ESC
Slice of tofu 4 letters SLAB
Place for agriculture 4 letters FARM
Not nice 4 letters MEAN
Lacking color 4 letters PALE
Correspondence from podcast listeners 5 letters EMAIL
You might be ___ something! 4 letters ONTO
Anagram of vile 4 letters EVIL
Cut very finely 5 letters MINCE
Dark Angel star 11 letters JESSICAALBA
Figured it out! 3 letters AHA
More frosty 5 letters ICIER
Marine mammal 4 letters SEAL
Nourished 3 letters FED
Exam with a score range of 400 to 1600 3 letters SAT
Fitting 3 letters APT
Snuggle 6 letters NESTLE
Food with acorn and spaghetti varieties 6 letters SQUASH
___ to the throne 4 letters HEIR
Prime minister elected in 2017 13 letters JACINDAARDERN
Song sung alone 4 letters SOLO
You’re right 6 letters AGREED
Air or scare punctuation 6 letters QUOTES
Many a fillable document 3 letters PDF
Unfilled space 3 letters GAP
Function 3 letters USE
Don’t settle for ___! 4 letters LESS
I would have voted for ___ for a third term if I could (Get Out line) 5 letters OBAMA
Off-road transport for short 3 letters ATV
Writer of seven autobiographies 11 letters MAYAANGELOU
American Indians in Children’s Literature founder Debbie 5 letters REESE
Trick 4 letters RUSE
Ginger ___ (fountain drinks) 4 letters ALES
Trial’s partner 5 letters ERROR
Gigawatt e.g. 4 letters UNIT
Hotel garment 4 letters ROBE
States 4 letters SAYS
No thanks 4 letters PASS
___ thai 3 letters PAD
What some phone keyboards contain 6 letters EMOJIS
Nation in western New York 6 letters SENECA
Watch a friend’s feline 6 letters CATSIT
Blueprint detail for short 4 letters SPEC
Stuff from a volcano 4 letters LAVA
Sasha Fierce for Beyonce e.g. 5 letters ALIAS
___ of the ball 5 letters BELLE
Like does 6 letters FEMALE
French friend 3 letters AMI
Chased on foot 8 letters RANAFTER
French tire maker 8 letters MICHELIN
Scent sensor 4 letters NOSE
Head of the pack 6 letters LEADER
Resident of Baghdad or Basra 5 letters IRAQI
Prohibit 3 letters BAN
Often groanworthy joke 3 letters PUN
Cool trick huh? 4 letters TADA
Lose fur 4 letters SHED
Get off ___-free 4 letters SCOT
Get less firm 3 letters SAG
Instrument for Ahya Simone 4 letters HARP
Ren Faire competitors on charging horses 8 letters JOUSTERS
Plant in many balms 8 letters ALOEVERA
Main color of the Turkish and Tunisian flags 3 letters RED
Remove condensation from 5 letters DEFOG
Shape with four right angles 6 letters SQUARE
Glue with a bull mascot 6 letters ELMERS
Big watery expanse 3 letters SEA
Horse gait 6 letters GALLOP
Blob under a biology class microscope 6 letters AMOEBA
Halted temporarily 6 letters PAUSED
Gooey breakfast condiment 5 letters SYRUP
Place to sweat 5 letters SAUNA
Tolerate 4 letters BEAR
In its current state 4 letters ASIS
Meshy traps 4 letters NETS
Protein source 3 letters SOY

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